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Split Core Current Transformer

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Quality Split Core Current Transformer Manufacturers

As split core current transformer manufacturers, we were founded in 1995 in Wuxi, china. However, today we are a conventional meter maker, a multi-business, high-tech organization. One of the biggest split core current transformer suppliers in China, we have a strong reputation abroad and export to more than 60 nations. Diverse split core current transformers in our catalog are appropriate for different current ratings and voltage classes. Thus, we offer a model to meet your particular needs, from small, affordable versions to high-precision equipment.

Our transformers also include user-friendly features that make installation and maintenance simple. We, as split core current transformer manufacturers, are offering economical and effective solutions. Therefore, that not only satisfies but also surpasses industry standards. Therefore, we take great pleasure in our dedication to providing dependable current transformers of the highest caliber for a variety of electrical applications. We have made a reputation for ourselves in the market by placing a significant focus on innovation, precise engineering, and customer satisfaction.

Top Split Core Current Transformer Suppliers

As a split core current transformer suppliers, we have devoted ourselves to maintaining the cutting edge of technical development while relentlessly pursuing quality. However, we are aware of how crucial current transformers are to maintaining the security and effectiveness of electrical systems. As a result, each transformer we make passes through a rigorous quality control process according to industry norms and requirements.

Our design and production abilities are adaptable enough to meet your unique needs, whether you need an Outdoor Cable-type current transformer for power distribution, energy management, or monitoring systems. We, as split core current transformer manufacturers, are trying to work together with you to offer current transformers. Thus, that fits smoothly into your projects and helps you reach the outcomes you are looking for. We, as split core current transformer suppliers, take pleasure in our adaptability.


What is a split-core current transformer?
A split-core current transformer is a type of current sensor designed to be easily installed around a conductor without the need to disconnect it.
In what applications are split-core current transformers commonly used?
Energy monitoring, power quality analysis, and various industrial and commercial electrical systems.
How do you open a split-core current transformer for installation?
Many models have a hinged design, allowing them to be opened for installation and then securely closed around the conductor.

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