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The Basic Understanding Of Current Transformer




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current transformer

The Basic Understanding Of Current Transformer

One kind of instrument transformer is the current transformers. It is made to measure current in its primary winding and produce an alternating current. in its secondary winding that is proportional to that current.

With the use of standard ammeter, current transformers offer a convenient and safe means of monitoring the actual electrical current flowing in an AC transmission line by reducing high voltage currents to much lower values. A basic current transformers operates on a slightly different principle than an ordinary voltage transformer.

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Types Of Current Transformer

High-power circuits and power lines may have extremely high currents. Direct measurement of these currents can be challenging. In order to make the line current easier to measure, a current transformers steps it down.

On both the primary and secondary sides of a transformer, the total power is the same. Stepping up the voltage is the only way to step down the current. Consequently, a modified step-up voltage transformer is what a current transformers is.

Following are the types of current transformer

Outdoor Cable-Type Current Transformer

Installing an Outdoor Cable-type current transformer on fully insulated medium and high voltage cables or medium and high voltage bushings is how it is intended to be installed. This allows for system design that saves space. One can measure primary currents up to 4000 A. The magnetic properties are ensured by a specific core padding and the full casting of all active parts in an outdoor-grade cycloaliphatic epoxy resin.

Transformers for Window Current

A transformer with a secondary winding encircling a core and the primary sent through the opening in the core is known as a window current transformers. The transformer is surrounded by an insulating material that is injected into a mould once the secondary has been wound around the core.

Zero Phase Current Transformer

In order to create a zero phase current transformers in the event of a leakage current or fault current on the line, zero phase CTs are differential sensors that pass both line and grounded neutral conductors into the CT aperture. Because it can be distinguished from the primary current, it is therefore known as the differential current.

It is really important to choose a leading zero phase current transformer providers for it. Our Professional zero phase current transformers is designed and manufactured in accordance with the strictest industry standards. As a result, our technicians and engineers have decades of experience creating precise, trustworthy current transformers.

Transformers For Wound Currents

A wound current transformers is a transformer that has separate primary and secondary windings surrounding a laminated core. When designing a wound current transformers, the circuit to be measured is connected in series with one or more turns of large cross-section wire that make up the primary winding.

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